Field of Grass/Photographs

What is it like for me being hearing impaired? Sometimes the words I hear are not the words spoken.  For this project, I have paired images to show the gulf between what was said and what I heard.  By sharing this experience, I hope to illustrate the isolation that the hearing impaired often face. 

20130317 1011859.jpg

MTA Noir

It's a mood I get passing through the subway.  Moving with the crowds under the fluorescent glow, I wonder about the lone riders looking for a bit of escape between here and there - until they have to go back into the light. 

20140814  1030448.jpg


What remains?  Memory blanched in the light and toned with the passage of time.  I try my best to remember as the images fade. With this series, I move my street photography in a new direction.  I seek to create nostalgia - fleeting sketches - with strong lines and harsh light.